Expanded mission: world Magazine Goes Digital

One of the great desires of BMA Missions is to maintain a close and open relationship with the churches we serve. On a daily basis, Missions leadership is doing everything possible to communicate with our local pastors and churches. Through state papers, emails, phone calls, text messaging, social media and printed periodicals, BMA Missions has a deep commitment to keeping pastors and church members connected with the missionaries who serve them. One of the communication tools that BMA Missions has produced for over 50 years has been mission:world magazine.  The publication has been an evolving piece of literature since its inception. In the early days of BMA Missions the magazine was known as the Gleaner. Our association of churches only had a few missionary families on the field and their stories and adventures were featured monthly in the magazine. As BMA Missions grew in its scope around the world and more missionaries were sent to serve, the magazine grew as well.  Eventually mission:world moved to a bi-monthly publication, and it became impossible to feature every missionary in every edition of the magazine. And along with the growth of the magazine came an increased cost of production. Keeping up with a changing world as more and more people received their news and information online, BMA Missions moved to producing an online version of the magazine as well.    Today mission:world has become much more than just a magazine. There is a monthly video companion to the printed version of the magazine called mission:world.TV. There is a website dedicated solely to the magazine and all its missions content: missionworldmag.com. And now BMA Missions is moving to make mission:world even more accessible to everyone.

 Today anyone who wants to follow what God is doing through the almost 600 missionary families serving BMA Missions will be able to do so in a variety of different ways. “I’m excited about the opportunity to speak more often and to give more timely reports to our churches about what God is doing around the world,” said BMA Missions Executive Director Dr. John David Smith. “Expanding mission:world will allow it to become much more than a bi-monthly magazine. It will be a missionary news outlet.”  

Beginning July 1, expect to see mission:world missionary content in many different forms. The magazine will continue to be produced in digital form and will be emailed free of charge to everyone who wants it. The digital version will include more mission:world video reports straight from the mission field. Social media reports will also be available for those who live on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  This will allow BMA Missions to speak to a whole new audience. Continued direct reporting via video from BMA Executive Director Dr. John David Smith and his team will be coming directly to BMA church members via their inbox and on social media platforms. All of this is an effort to keep our churches better informed about their missionaries serving around the world.

 The printed version of mission:world will be discontinued with the May/June edition, allowing the $80,000 annual expense of printing and mailing the magazine to be redirected to our missionaries and their fields.  To subscribe to mission:world for free and receive the magazine directly to your inbox, go to www.missionworldmag.com. For up-to-date and live broadcasts from BMA missionaries around the world, like our BMA Missions Facebook/Instagram and Twitter accounts.