Lifeword Newsletter – September 2020


New Show Partnership Featuring Stephen Castleberry
Tired of people being offended all the time? Ready to get back to church and resume normal activities? Find yourself more and more anxious these days?  

Stephen Castleberry addresses all these issues and more on his YouTube channel. A church planter and pastor at Antioch in Georgetown, Texas, he has long been interested in technology and using it to share the gospel. His ten-minute videos targeting millennials caught the attention of the Lifeword team recently, and now he is a ministry partner.

 Before he became a church planter, Stephen served as youth pastor at three churches in Arkansas, the last being Antioch in Conway. Andy Comer was on staff there as church planter intern when Stephen decided to join the launch team and move his family to the Austin area as part of the church’s staff. Before the church launched in January of 2018, he used his technology skills to promote its opening, and in less than three years, the average church attendance is 150. 

Stephen’s YouTube channel is also meant to reach those who have questions about the Bible and Christianity, particularly millennials who are moving to the Austin area for jobs.  

Like all of Lifeword’s partners, both globally and in the States, his goal is the same: making Jesus’ name famous throughout the world.

 Director of Operations Luis Ortega says, “Millennials are often misunderstood, partly because ‘Gen Y’ is often lumped into one big group and nicknamed ‘avocado eaters’ and ‘snowflakes.’ Regardless, these 20- and 30-somethings speak the language of ‘technologuese’ just like Stephen does. Throughout Lifeword’s history the message hasn’t changed, but the communication vehicle does.” 

Partnerships like the one with Stephen have been enabled by cloud technology and have increased Lifeword’s reach to other cultures.  

According to Director of Internet Broadcasting and Digital Strategy Jon Dodson, “Lifeword has reached and shared the gospel with more people online in 2020 than any other year in its history. People desperately need to hear and experience the hope only found in the gospel. The team at Lifeword fully realizes that every culture and language has its own set of sub-cultures, nuisances, and characteristics. We partner with theologically and doctrinally sound creatives around the world that help us present the gospel to more cultures and sub-cultures.

 “We look forward to our partnership with Stephen Castleberry as we reach more millennials with the highly relevant truths of Scripture. The Lifeword team is excited to start ministering with Stephen on social media and the Lifeword Cloud at

Together . . .  #WeTellTheStory.” 

Please join us as we pray for the following:
– that God receives the glory for a successful Lifeword Sunday so his name is made famous worldwide – for Prince Jessie (Lifeword team member) as he ministers to the youth of Liberia
Please join us as we praise the Lord for the following:
– for the new media partners who are speaking the heart language of various culture groups – for the availability of a clear gospel presentation in 85 languages via the Lifeword Cloud from where they can be viewed and shared