Strong Family BMA Missions Update September 2020


We are excited to share several updates with you this month regarding what God’s been doing since our last letter. God is opening doors to proclaim the gospel and share the vision for planting a church in Minnesota with partners around the country. Our major news is our family has recently embarked on a deputation trip since our last letter. Here are some of the highlights from the trip:

  • We visited churches, associations, schools, and groups in Missouri, Mississippi, Texas, and Arkansas
  • We raised a significant amount more than we expected in one-time gifts and are praying God will provide partners to meet our remaining annual monthly commitment need for salary
  • Our family has been blessed to spend time with other families and enjoy great times of fellowship and refreshment from church to church including time on farms, swimming in lakes with alligators, and catching frogs!
  • We even met Ben from the television show Hometown (one of our favorites) while visiting churches in Laurel, MS
  • Michael is now interning with Larry Barker in a specialized program along with other church planters
  • Michael is also now being mentored by Anders Lee who is helping him prepare to have a successful launch
  • Michael’s ordination is set for October 4th, 2020 at Oak Park Baptist Church in Little Rock, AR at 5pm

Pray for Us:

  • We have more meetings and still have funds to raise and partnerships to make
  • We are asking God for other committed, faithful members to be a part of the Launch Team
  • Laura Beth is asking for wisdom as she balances home school with other duties this year
  • Laura Beth is pregnant with twins and has an important appointment coming up soon; Michael will likely need to go back on the road to raise more funds shortly afterward
  • For the Gospel proclamation to bear fruit that remains in the hearts and lives of those who have heard the message over the last few weeks