Fall Family Fun Drive Thru


Bethlehem will be hosting ‘SHINE YOUR LIGHT’, a drive thru community event on October 31st from 7-9 pm.  It will feature an after dark light show with lights, lasers, large format video projection and displays of vehicles adorned with all sorts of lights & decorations.


As you enter the parking lot, you will be safely greeted and given a sheet with our interactive games and instructions for the event.  Please proceed ahead with your headlights off and your driving lights on.  As your family drives through, you can embark on a scavenger hunt looking for all sorts of odd items hidden in the displays.  You’ll have to look hard because you never know where they may be! 

You can also vote on which vehicle display is your favorite!  We have many creative people and we can’t wait to see what crazy ideas and decorations they will come up with.

Toward the end of the display, kids will be offered bags with candy, snacks and other goodies.  We are taking great care to assemble the bags and hand them out as safely as we can during this time.  We will also have special bags for the little ones 3 and under.

After exiting, you are more than welcome to go through the event again if traffic allows.  We ask only one goody bag per child, though.  We want to make sure we have enough for all who come. 

For questions concerning the event, please email Larry McGee here.


We are needing several Bethlehem people to decorate their cars, trunks, trucks, trailers, tractors, UTVs or whatever else you want to illuminate – with lights and decorations.  You can use Christmas lights, spot lights, flashing lights or whatever else your creative genius can come up with!  Guests will vote on who has the most creative display.

You may use regular 120V lights and Christmas lights.  Connect all of your lights together in an outlet strip and please bring a minimum 50ft extension cord.  We will provide the main electrical lines in the parking lot for you to plug into.

You may decorate your vehicles and dress up however you like, but we ask nothing scary or Halloween-ish.  You can stay with your vehicles and wave as guests go by and encourage them to vote for your display, which will be numbered.  No goodies will be given out at the vehicle displays.  There will be a large video screen in the parking lot with music playing for entertainment.

Please sign up on the list in the foyer or email Larry above if you are going to participate so we can plan ahead and prepare the electrical lines. We are also needing lots of candy, snack sized crackers, etc. so please see the information desk or email for how you can help.

In case of rain, we will still give out goody bags under the drive through in front of the sanctuary but there will be no parking lot displays.  Please check this website for weather updates if needed. For more information, please see Larry McGee or Brian Harvison.