Stan & Donna Scroggins, Nov. 2020

It has now been three months since our first departure back to the Philippines was canceled. Donna and I are doing our best to stay in contact with all our ministry partners in the Philippines and teaching “on-line” classes each week. We will keep everyone updated as to our status.  As soon as the door opens to return we are “out of here“.  We are receiving encouraging “notions” that doors will open soon for our return.  Pray with us that it will not be too long.

The Philippines has recently indicated that “some” foreigners may return to the country on a “case by case” bases after consideration from the Philippine consulate in the United States.  Of course we have submitted our request for consideration and are PATIENTLY waiting reply.

We received word from the Bible College of the need to help with providing food for students during the weekends.  All our students participate in “week end work” internships. This program gives vital experience to our students and we are so grateful to all of our churches, missions and ministries which participate in the program. From Friday afternoon through Monday afternoon these churches and ministries take care of the lodging and food accommodations for our students. This relieves the college from the expense of student care over the weekends. Due to the lock-down students are not able to go to their respective weekend work locations and are quarantined on the campus.  Thank you Northview Baptist Church and Pastor Mike Cantrell for helping us with funds to purchase food to feed our students over the week ends.

Who Are the Ati People? The Ati people are an indigenous group of tribal people living in the mountains of our island Negros Occidental.  These are groups of indigenous tribes isolated through out the mountains and islands through out the country.  These people predate modern “Polynesians” Filipinos and genetically are related to Australian Aborigines. The Philippine government protects the culture of these tribal people by restricting outside contact with them. Access is by invitation only. About two years ago Donna was invited to do ministry with the tribe and we began a work with them. The BMA of America missions department supports a Filipino missionary who works directly with the tribe.  We now have a church in their village and our first Ati student, Roter Enario, at the Bible College. During the lock-down, and because of their extreme isolation, word was sent out of starvation and famine conditions in the tribe affecting some 40 families. Thank you to Pastor Eric Goble and Brister Baptist Church, Pastor Randy Murphy and First Baptist Church and Pastor Dan Wisely and Kewanee Baptist Church who have helped us get food to the tribe.

Let me introduce to you our newest hero.Pastor John Rey Vallejera, (Pastor JoJo), is a graduate of our Bible College. He is also our BMAA Filipino missionary serving as church planter in Hong Kong. Recent unrest in Hong Kong forced him and his family to return to the Philippines.  Because of the lock-down in the Philippines Pastor JoJo has not been able to return to Hong Kong.  With that being said his delay has allowed him to serve as a conduit to distribute food to the Bible College students and to the Ati Tribe in the mountains of the Philippines. Also, Pastor JoJo has been able to get a travel pass which allows him to freely travel across quarantine lines.  Thank you Pastor JoJo for your love of your people and for working to help us get food to them.   

 C H U R C H    V I S I T S    I served with Pastor David Watkins for 20 years before his retirement as pastor at First Baptist Church. He has been our biggest supporter in missions every since Donna and I first went before the BMAA Advisory Committee in 1990. Thanks Bro. David for the opportunity to be in your pulpit in October.

Donna was glad to speak to the a district WMA group held at Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church in Mineola, Texas.

In 1981 Donna and I went to Camden, Arkansas to serve at Immanuel Baptist Church. James Ray & Ann Raines became our best friends for life. I learned how to be a pastor from him. Many young pastors leave the ministry due to impatient attitudes of lead pastors. After 43 years in ministry I owe it all to the patience of JRR, without it I’m sure I would have “quit” during those early years. I know all the guys blessed to serve with him at churches he pastored will agree. Prayers for Ann, Tommy, Mike, Kim, and their families.

It is already time for mid-term exams at the Bible College.  It is so wonderful that we can teach our classes and even give test through on-line meetings.  

At the BMA Bible College of the Philippines
Filipino students from all over the Philippines arrive on our campus to “make a difference” in God’s missionary work to TELL THE NATIONS.  You can “make a difference” by helping with tuition scholarships.  $2,000.00 a year provides tuition and room and board.  They need your help. Click the DONATE tab below to give and a student in need will be assigned directly to you to encourage and get to know.
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Help us build a room in memory or in honor of a loved one. Each room cost $10,000 to build.Second floor going up.

With all our furlough appointments fulfilled we are now sitting, waiting, praying, for something to do,  Give us a call if we can assist you in any way, preaching, teaching, speaking, or visiting a WMA, Brotherhood, GMA, or Galilean group, even a civic group.Since we are delayed returning to the Philippines, please consider inviting us to learn more about missions in Asia and the Philippines.
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Carrier PigeonAfter a visit with my Mom in Huntsville, Alabama we headed to South Dakota to visit a few monuments.  Devil’s  Tower and Mount Rushmore were highlights, so was the snow.  
JON REY NAVARRTE – KATILINGBAN CHURCH PLANTOur ambitious vision to take the Gospel to all of Asia
F R O M  S T A N STATUS ON OUR RETURN TO THE PHILIPPINES Right now nothing has changed. The government of the Philippines is being extremely cautious to prevent the pandemic spreading to unmanageable levels.  Mid-terms are over and all my thanks to Kish Balboa who proctors my classes.
F R O M  D O N N A This month we finished mid-terms at the Bible college.  I am grateful to Airish Caludio who helps proctor my classes.   
We are looking forward to a Missionary Care retreat in Conway November 10.  We are hoping we will have to miss it in order to return to the Philippines. Our work is completely focused on making sure the Gospel is taught in our weekly home Bible study, the sending of the Gospel to Southeast Asian countries, the training of pastors and missionaries at the Bible College and church planting in the Philippines and  all over Southeast Asia. 

 Would you help us?  $1,000.00 a year goes a long way here, helping us train church planters, send missionaries and train students.  Click on the donate button below, locate the Scroggins/Philippine fund and prayerfully consider contributing to help us. We love you all.Please Pray For:
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At the BMA Bible College of the Philippines
Filipino students from all over the Philippines arrive on our campus to “make a difference” in God’s missionary work to TELL THE NATIONS.  You can “make a difference” by helping with tuition scholarships.  $2,000.00 a year provides tuition and room and board.  They need your help. Click the DONATE tab below, register and scroll down to Stan Scroggins and designate to: Scholarship Fund.  We will assign you a student you can encourage and track.