Study of BMA Doctrinal Statement


After several months of hard work, we have completed this study course over the BMA Doctrinal Statement!

Features of this book:
-Full text of the Doctrinal Statement of the BMA of America (bold print)
-Commentary/Explanation of each paragraph of the Doctrinal Statement (italicized print)
-Notes from Dr. E. Harold Henderson: These notes are taken from Dr. Henderson’s book Here’s What We Believe on the BMA Doctrinal Statement.
-Definitions of words to help bring clarity
-Study questions to help reinforce learning 

Simply download the study, print, copy, and use however you like!
It’s a great option for Wednesday or Sunday night Bible studies, small groups, discipleship, new member classes, training church leaders, etc.

CLick on the link to DOWNLOAD–WhQFgwBHatD7oiIOVV/view?mc_cid=62d8ebec82&mc_eid=9f5a75d192