June Update -Scroggins-Philippines


Tropical areas around the equator do not have four season: fall, winter, spring, summer.  It is basically the same temperature all year long “HOT” and just two “seasons”: dry season and rainy season.  Traditionally schools are dismissed during the rainy season: April and May. However the Philippines has tried to implement a western style education system with 12 grades and a “summer break” May, June and July.  Donna and I finished our teaching duties with final exams, and awards ceremony.  Our sophomores and Juniors will head to many of our missions and churches for a required internship over their break.

We are hoping to accomplish a few projects, mostly repairs, during the break.  Checking two off the list: air conditioning the choir room, and installing a mandated hand washing station.  (Notice the innovative “no hands” washing pedal.)

With World Wide Travel Restrictions, now IS the right time to Go Global
Filipino students from all over the Philippines arrive on our campus to “make a difference” in God’s Global missionary work to TELL THE NATIONS.  You can “GO GLOBAL” by helping these students develop the tools needed to get the job done.  $1,200.00 ($100.00 a month) provides tuition and room and board for one year.  They need your help. Click the DONATE tab below to give your gift and a student will be assigned directly to you to encourage and get to know.
Go Global Today

Darlene Carey Christian Academy
Help us build a room in memory or in honor of a loved one. Each room cost $10,000 to build.
Progress has really picked up on The Darlene Carey Christian Academy. First floor is now being painted and we expect the roof to be on the second floor by next month.

From Stan:
School is out for “summer”. Donna and I are prohibited from traveling outside of our island so our normal plans to visit our missionaries on Leyte, Guimaras and Mindanoa will have to wait until restrictions are lifted.  We planned to go to a resort on our island for R & R, but to our dismay those 65 and over are prohibited.  (This does not include me so I guess I can go by my self.)
From Donna:
A milestone for us, our daughter, Leslie, turned 40. No way, that is crazy.  She even had her own milestone, finishing a 26.2 mile marathon.