February Lifeword Newsletter

Almost Halfway to Our Language Goal
Five years ago when the Lifeword team began praying about, concepting and implementing the Lifeword Cloud, there were many vision-sharing meetings, whiteboard lists, and bullet-point goals. Lifeword’s mission would not change, but the method would. And the far-reaching potential of sharing the gospel through cloud technology had to be carefully planned. 

In Lifeword’s 2017 Annual Report to the BMA, Lifeword Executive Director Donny Parrish said, “We will use the Lifeword Cloud as an opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus in as many languages as possible. Very soon people from all around the world will be able to discover who this man Jesus is to them. JesusToYou.com will become the door that will open the teachings of Jesus to the people of the world.“ 

Building the Lifeword Cloud was in the early stages and its vision was just being cast. One part of that vision, as Bro. Donny alluded to in his report, was to have gospel presentations in more languages, and in 2017 the language count was 40.  

Donny’s language goal for Director of Operations Luis Ortega was 200 in ten years. 
Since the September 2018 launch of lifeword.org, 55 languages have been added . . . 95 languages. Yep, almost halfway to the goal! God has shown favor to Lifeword’s ministry, but more important is that more languages mean more people who can understand who Jesus is and come to faith in him. 

To see those languages, go to lifeword.org and click on the dropdown arrow next to “English.” Also, front and center on the home page are videos of people explaining who Jesus is in all 95 languages: “Who is Jesus to You?” as Donny mentioned in his 2017 report.

All glory to God for guiding us to reach the nations of the world. In 2021 more of Lifeword’s ministry will be pushed to our global partners who understand their cultures and can produce more relevant gospel content for them.  

At Lifeword We Tell the Story to “the ends of the earth.”

Please Pray…
– that people groups who speak Lifeword languages will hear and respond to the gospel. Here’s a challenge: Go to lifeword.org and find an unfamiliar language/languages, and pray for the people who speak them
– for Pastor Pete Etabag as he facilitates a media technology seminar benefiting pastors and ministry workers this month

Praise God…
– for the lives transformed by the gospel and the recent baptisms with Brother Abraham Cheyee in Liberia
– the expansion of the Lifeword Cloud allows more people to find resources, teaching and help to develop their walk with God