Missionary Michael Strong

And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.Matthew 28:18-20

PRAISES· John Michael came to Christ and we are baptizing him this Sunday

o John and I also worked through his first one-to-one Bible study book and will be starting his next study as a born-again believer as part of our formal discipleship pathway curriculum the day after his baptism·

God provided opened the door to a ministry home for Bible Studies and outreaches through the SBC college ministry team

Our twins are growing in weight and doing well

God is opening so many doors for gospel ministry and giving growth in the disciples of each ministry

Prepared hearts for this Sunday’s sermon that results in missional living in the hearer’s lives that flows out of love for the glory of God viewed in the person of Christ
· Boldness in our gospel proclamation
· Open doors to preach the gospel
· Sustaining faith as we wait on the Lord to provide team members to help us bear the weight of the work of planting
· The ministry house we are working out of now is near the U of M; may God give us favor with the people who live nearby as we begin to reach out and invite them into our lives and share the hope of the gospel
We have had an incredibly busy couple of weeks since our last letter. I’ve about lost track of time honestly. I’m so glad our Great God is always in control and never finds Himself caught off guard or trying to keep up with all that’s going on in the world. He is happy on His throne doing all the pleases Him (Ps. 115:3; 135:6). And while I may get lost in the whirlwind of what is going on, God is busy at work rejoicing in doing us good, is He not (Jer. 32:41)? What a joy it is to then get to dedicate our lives to sharing the good news of having an unbreakable relationship with this happy, loving, unstoppable, determined to work good for us in all things for His glory God (1 Tim. 1:11). Jesus’ blood purchased that relationship! Jesus’ blood purchased us that favor! Jesus’ blood guarantees us that this relationship and favor is secure for all who trust in the Word of God and turn from their sin to Him for salvation. This is increasingly the fuel for all we do as a family. God has been helping me lead my wife and kids in learning how to stoke the fires of love with these truths and beware of letting our hearts grow cold. We praise God for His faithfulness in this.

Samuel (left) and Seth (right) are both growing well and eating day and night. Mom has been a champ, by the grace of God, and has been providing great care to them both with a joyful heart. The kids have also been able to help and hold them. Dad is working to fill in all the gaps and provide support wherever it is needed. God is helping everyone. We are grateful!
As we have been at work in laboring to know Him, see Him, savor Him, and enjoy Him, He has also been allowing us to meet other people in a more rapid manner than we had been able to do in the last few weeks. We started a new campaign on social media to reach the metro area. God is beginning to bless it. We also started investing in the website and spending time improving and adding content to reach college students. God is blessing it. We were given the opportunity to use a ministry house a few blocks away from the University of Minnesota near a lot of apartments and potential student housing. This comes after years of prayer for a place to operate out of and a special need the last year or so. I was able to move some chairs and outreach supplies in this weekend to prepare for our upcoming Bible Study launch for March 3rd open to anyone who wants to come. We pray God will allow us to reach those who are praying and desire to know Him, people who He is already drawing to Himself there. I plan on going door to door soon to invite people to study, but also to start thinking through how to invite people to hang out or pray and get to know them somehow at the house. Please pray for us and pray for people God has to join us in reaching the students and the neighborhood.
This is a picture from the University of Minnesota. The University of Minnesota Twin Cities has over 50,000 students and 20,000 dedicated faculty and staff. The ministry house we will be working out of as much as possible is a few blocks from the campus and near housing some of the students are likely to live in so they can walk to school. It is also very close to our food ministry distribution partner and opens all kinds of new ministry opportunities.
I don’t want to get caught up in feelings, because feelings are a bad guide and can fail you. If you put your faith in feelings you will find yourself led astray. Instead, I trust a God who never fails me and He leads me by His Word working in concert with His Spirit. But I must say that the recent opportunities and answered prayer requests have been a breath of fresh air. It has been encouraging to see a door open, even if it closes again and we need to wait for a while longer for some of the milestones we are hoping to cross. In our journey, I’ve found that ever so often God will allow us a little glimpse of hope to continue pushing and calling people who don’t know the amazing news of what God has done in sending Jesus to live and die and rise from the dead in accordance with the Scriptures for them so they can have a relationship with Him. This second wind comes at times when our endurance is dwindling, at times when we don’t know if we can go any further, or how much longer we can make it. God is faithful. He renews our strength just as He promises to do (Isa. 40:31). Each time He does, we grow in our faith in Him, not because we are faithful, but because this is the process He uses to plant more faith in us! We are just the dirt, the field, that He is planting the treasure of faith in and we get to reap the benefit of possessing it later!

Thanks for praying for us and praising our Great God with us! If you are basketball fans, I’m feeling like its about time for a fullcourt press on this marketing stuff, so keep us in your prayers. I plan to go in on it and trust the Lord will send help somewhere along the way while I am working my tail off with God.

In Christ, Mike Strong (on behalf of the Strongs)