Doug and Diane Lee, Apr/May 2021


Notes from Dr. Doug

Our Scholarship campaign was successful this year. Our students can now continue their education without any interruption. Praise the Lord for the pouring out of the generosity of His people! We are so blessed to be a part of such an organization that has the desire and compassion to help those that cannot help themselves. “Amazing and Thank You” is all I can say to all of those who are sponsoring a student. We will continue the scholarship campaign because we are expecting 20-30 new 1st year students. We are praying that more lost souls will be reached as a result of their training and their ministry. You can still help! We have made it very easy for you to contribute to thiscause through our Church Giving Program. This is how it works. Go to Once on the website you will need to selec GIVE. Then GIVE NOW and follow the prompts. First time users will have to create an account and after that you will just have to sign in.You can also contribute through the BMAA Missions office at, click GIVE, then click on Doug Lee then follow the prompts. Please designate BMABC scholarship.

It took Diane and I almost 6 months to get out of the Philippines. Knowing what a problem it was to leave the country, I knew it would be a much greater process to get back in. That has become a reality– Cancelled flights in March, and still no refund for our tickets. We were told last night, it would be another 4 to 5 months before we would receive
a refund. We sent papers requesting entry only to find out those documents sat on someone’s desk for 4 weeks, then went to another department, then another department. Now we are told the process has been revised and another agency would be handling our request. Pray for us that these documents will be expedited soon. Thank God for the technology we have today! Diane has been teaching her classes online and we have open communications with the Bible College staff and faculty plus all five of the Filipino missionaries we are supporting. The following is an update on what is going on in each of
their ministries and missions.

Pastor Kent Almonicar and Family

Pastor Kent, his wife, Jennifer, and baby comes to us from his home church in General Santos City, Mindanao. We received a call for help at an existing church in Sulop, about 2 hour north of Gen San. The church had been without a pastor for several years and was close to disbanding.Pastor Kent moved his family there to rebuild the church. That is the way our BMABC alumni works! They step up to the plate when there is a need. Today he is working and rebuilding and reconnecting with the discouraged members. They are excited to have a pastor and a leader. Praising God for what is happening there. Pastor Joel Francisco and Family Pastor Francisco and wife Diesserey are graduates from the BMA Bible College. They are a member of the ATA Tribe in the northern mountains of the island where we live. Before moving back to the village where he is from, he was pastoring a church in the southern mountains of Negros Occidental, with the ATI Tribe. He has begun three church plants in three different villages among the Atas.

At that time it was 4:00 p.m. in the Philippines. In his message Pastor Joelsaid, “Bro Doug, I need a horse.” Pastor Joel had discovered a village in the mountains that he did not know was there. It was located on the top of a mountain. The only way to get there was to walk and make your own trail. It takes about 5 to 7 hours to walk. He said “If I have a horse, i would help me greatly to carry the gospel to that village and minister to them.” I woke Diane up and told her we had just bought a horse in the Philippines! Of course, he had to have a bridle, saddle, and blanket. Now he is ministering to 4 villages. He and his family conducted VBS in three of these villages with 64 in attendance in one village, 134 in another one, and 63 in the third village. Thank you Lord for those who have a burden to win their people to the Lord.

Pastor Peroy and Sister Lourdes started a mission church in Valderama on the Island of Panay, about 4 years ago. They are excited to be ready to organize into a church on May 21, 2021. So sorry we cannot be there for the organization of Blessed Hope Baptist Church. Before the pandemic, their average attendance for worship services was over 50, but like most churches around the world, attendance has dropped about 50%. In the last few months, they have had seven professions of faith and have begun a youth outreach program. The Lord is still adding souls into His kingdom through this mission point and new church.

Libas is a township that is small but has a large population in the surrounding rural areas. Diane and I visited there a year and a half ago, and discovered there was no evangelical presence in the area. Jack and Angie are our church planters there in Libas. We are amazed at what God is doing. Because of the pandemic things have slowed down, but Jack still finds a way to minister through children’s outreach, public school lectures, and adult Bible studies. Their mother church recently baptized six from the mission. Jack graduated from the Bible college with his degree in Theology and Angie graduated with a degree in Church Music.

The Lees partnered with Dos Hermanos Baptist Church in Talisay to plant a church in Pataan, Negros Occidental. Raymond is a graduate of the BMA Bible College of the Philippines. He has begun weekly Bible studies and we are excited to see how God will bless this new endeavor under the leadership of Pastor Raymond and the pastor of the mother church Pastor Chris Rojo.


These students were recognized for their academic achievements on a special Awards Day on the campus. Out of our 47 students enrolled, 20 students received Honor Awards. We are most thankful for the desire of these students that are learning what it takes to achieve excellence in education. All of our students have worked hard this past year during a very difficult time. They press on and upward!