July Update -Scroggins-Philippines

One of the hardest events for missionaries is celebrating our cherished American holidays in a foreign country.  This year there are no other American missionaries here to get together with.  Danny and Rita Ballard, our only other BMAA missionaries in the Philippines, live in Manila, and due to co-vid we both are not able to travel so cannot get together.

Being outside of our homeland makes us very appreciative and grateful for the freedoms we celebrate on Independence Day. All to often we forget, especially these days, the significance of INDEPENDENCE DAY, not Fourth of July, but Independence Day.  Wrapped up in this celebration are memories of:  all the wars, struggles, growth, forgiveness, and responsibilities this day should incite in us.  Don’t take any of it for granted.  I assure you your missionaries all over the world do not.

This little bird is call a Tikling bird.  They are all around our house and squawk like chickens keeping us awake in the mornings. While they do fly they mostly skip and dance around the yard.  This is where the Filipino folk dancing “tinikling” comes from. Donna began teaching this back in her P.E. classes years ago, never realizing its origins.  We will often see this performed for special occasions and certainly with the rural people here in the Philippines.

A few years ago Donna was introduced to the Ati tribe. This is a group of indigenous tribal people who live in isolated communities, mostly in the mountains. These people are considered the original inhabitants of the Philippines dating back thousands of years, before the Polynesians arrived. The BMA of the Philippines now has churches in the Ati tribe and we have students from the Ati attending the Bible College. In June Donna was privileged to meet a new tribal group called the Ata.  She visited them with Epaphroditus Ministries led by Pastor Casim Canada.

This month we would like to introduce and re-introduce you to several of the local missionaries we work closely with.  We are asking that you pray for them.  Co-vid restrictions has made their work especially difficult.

Kevin is one of the first missionaries we partnered with.  He is a graduate of our Bible School and has three mission points.  His mother church is Dos Hermanas Baptist Church, pastored by Chris Rojo.

We met Kenneth the year he graduated from the Bible College in 2017.  He is thankful for the tuition support he received from friends in America.  Kenneth first worked with a mission in our neighboring city of Silay.  Then went to the island of Guimaras. Recently he traveled to his home island to visit family and is now restricted from travel due to co-vid. But he is serving where God has planted him, working with local churches and leading in area Vacation Bible Schools. Kenneth’s mother church is True Vine Baptist Church, Aster Dedoroy – Pastor.

Genesis is also a graduate of our Bible College.  He began working with our new  outreach in Barangay 15 (This is the village where we live). He is now also working with Jespi Jireh Baptist Church in a revitalization project. Jimmy and Julie Walker also help with Genesis’ support. Open Door Baptist Church is his sending church and Al Animo is his pastor.

JR went to the mountains of Leyte to fill in for just 2 months.  He has now been there over two years.  He’s done a marvelous job reaching many people for Christ.  Mae Lahman, a Filipino American from Missouri asked me to check on her home village, this lead to us working together to send JR as missionary. His mother church is New Testament Baptist Church in Sullivan, MO. Josh Wright – pastor.

We must be protective of this pastor’s identity for his safety and his family’s.  After his conversion and call to ministry his pastor on another island asked if the Bible College would take him as a student and allow him a place of refuge and protection.  One of the most faithful and serious of Gospel missionaries he works with three missions.  His mother church is E.B. Magdalona Baptist Church and Jomel Samson is his pastor.

Ezra and Jirah are fixtures around the Bible College.  She teaches voice, piano and helps me with choir.  He teaches guitar.  After graduating he began service as a missionary in the town of Silay.  First Missionary Baptist Church is his sending church and Bro. Carrillio is his pastor.  He has only been serving a few months and already has a large congregation.

Finally, I introduce you to Kish Balboa.  Kish is a music graduate of the Bible College, currently enrolled in the Theology program.  Kish is a huge help to me teaching music, choir, voice lessons and taking care of all the things only Filipinos know how to do.  He is a great blessing to our ministry.  He serves with First Missionary Baptist Church which is on our college campus.

Enjoyed visits with: Pastor Rapada and Redeemed Baptist Church; Madalagan Baptist Church with our student Warlito Escamilla preaching; Open Door Baptist Church with pastor Al Animo and Mandalag Mission with student intern David Perez.

Please add this new mission to your prayers.  Whenever a new Gospel outreach begins the devil will attack.  Pray for us and the mission leaders to be prepared.  David Perez is the student intern working here.  Refuge Baptist Church in Hong Kong is the mother church, pastor John Rey Vallejere – pastor.

We had a great start.  Thanks for praying.  This is a group of students from other islands who cannot travel home during the Summer break due to co-vid travel restrictions.  We think they really enjoyed a break from campus isolation. During our second meeting several students had to begin their internships, but we had several new students attend.

About four years ago Donna and I traveled to Cambodia with a BMMI team (Baptist Medical Missions International).  We specifically worked with the Vietnamese refugees living along the Mekong River.  These people are “people without a country”, many living this way for three and four generations.

Now the government has come in and demolished the river houses forcing families into a homeless situation.  
Alerted by one of our former Bible College students we’ve been able to send funds to help some of the Christian families build refugee housing on the banks of Mekong River.  Can you help?  Send me an email for more information.
The local pastor is leading the efforts to salvage, and purchase materials needed to build simple structures.

With World Wide Travel Restrictions, now IS the right time to Go Global
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