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Two Bible Initiatives in Two Different Languages


Called “the forgotten or abandoned place” Tapuinkue is a community in Paraguay where the Guarani language is spoken. Completely cut off from access to the internet, the Guarani people live far from civilization but not far enough away from groups who preach false doctrine and take advantage of them. 

BMA Missionaries and Church Planters Regino Acuña and Ivan Philippini tell the story of their deception: “In Tapuinkue, we had 45 candidates for baptism, but when the pandemic hit we couldn’t travel. Then a group of charismatics came in saying they were just like us, destroying much of our work there. Thank God we are gradually recovering the brothers.”

Director of Operations Luis Ortega asked what Lifeword could do to help with discipleship and teaching of this people group. The result is a new Lifeword partnership to provide content in Guarani. The audio Bible teaching by Bro. Ivan will be loaded to memory cards for phones so new believers can study Scripture in an area with little internet.

Romani Kalderash

Sharing the gospel message to Romania’s most disenfranchised and despised people group – the Romani, or gypsies – is difficult because of the marginalization and discrimination they experience. Hearing and understanding scriptural truths in their heart language could help gypsies accept that Jesus does not discriminate and that they are loved by a heavenly Father. 
Lifeword Romania Partner Bogdan Bilav has worked with Romani for two decades and provides Romani Kalderash (gyspy language) audio and video content, but a complete Bible translation has never come to fruition. Now, however, Bogdan is partnering with Wycliffe Bible translators and is confident that the project will be completed.

As this exciting initiative continues, Bogdan and his team of gypsy men record their regular programming of Bible teaching and upload it a month in advance on Facebook and on the Lifeword Cloud. One of those men is Shoni, who voices their Bible recordings so the Roma can listen to the Bible on their phones.

Please pray that the Guarani and Romani people groups will hear, understand, and accept the truth of the gospel.
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Please Pray…
– For Bogdan and Shoni as they help Wycliffe translators with the Bible translation into the Gypsy language
– for Pastor Pete (Philippines) and his health and for his family as they care for him
Praise God…
– for the access new believers will have to hear Bro. Ivan’s teaching shared on memory cards
– for talented and hard-working global partners as they implement new initiatives reaching more people with the gospel message