Missions in the Philippines

Guess what?  Its Christmas in the Philippines.  And you thought November was too early to start the Christmas season. Here in the Philippines all the “BER” months are part of Christmas.  So, September 1st begins the Christmas season.
ho, Ho, HO!!!
It is hard to believe that we have been in the Philippines long enough that it is time to renew our Driver’s Licenses.We’ll never complain about going to the Arkansas Revenue Office ever again.

“Cool Yule”That’s the name of the musical the college choir is doing this year, and they are soooooo excited. What you see on the left is the actual costuming.  Can’t wait for you all to see how it turns out.We spent a lot of money.  We re-wrote our curriculum – TWICE.  We hired professional staff.  We upgraded our pay scale. We added required spaces.  We cried.  We wanted to quit.  With God’s help and the hard work of all of our staff, teachers and administration we Made IT.

Official CHED accreditation.  Five years of constant and relentless inspections, advisement, restructuring.  Probably no one but other institutions, who’ve gone through accreditation processes, knows just how much work it all really is.  So why, Why, WHY did we do it?  For our students.  We want the best for them and we want their education to be recognized and accepted in all higher education facilities.  Plus we do not want what they received from us to not be recognized for certification in public life in the Philippines.  It is a win win for both the students and the institution.  Thank you Lord, for providing us the vigor to persevere.  Our certification by CHED is a testament to your holiness, graciousness and desire for your people to be excellent in all YOUR ways.

It is with sadness we report the passing of our dedicated tribal missionary in Mindanao
Pastor Ganaro Delos Santos.
He began working with Missionary Doyle Moore over 35 years ago. He sent me the picture below of 17 candidates for baptism just  a week ago.  Please pray for his family.Co-vid 19 has really been escalating in the Philippines. Every week we learn of another victim. We are saddened to announce the passing of Jenny Quiamco. We first met her and Pastor Alan back in 1994 when we came to work with Melvin and Carolyn Meade in Dumagauete. Alan is Missionary with Fairview Baptist Mission in Valencia, Negros Oriental. This is a mission started by Missionaries Sam and Dawn Freeman outside of Dumaguete.Pastor Pete Etabag at Tigbagwan Baptist Church. In 1991 he and I visited Lub Lub in the mountains of Iloilo together. He just recovered from a terrible bout of covid-19.Pastor Jomel Samson at Karis Baptist Church. Jomel is a graduate and teacher at the Bible College. Karis Church is also the mother church of Madalag Mission.Madalag Mission with Missionary Junmar Arcena.  Notice the new construction.On the way to church we saw the first Christmas decorations of the year. September is a “ber” month.We are always excited when it is time to visit Open Door Baptist Church. It is right here in Talisay where we live so we don’t have to travel far. This Sunday Pastor Al Amino (Top Left) gave the pulpit to Missionary John Ray Opril (Bottom left) who also reported on his mission work in the mountains of Cadiz, Jerusalem Baptist Mission (Bottom right). Associate Pastor Jeffrey Labuan (Top right) led the music. All are graduates of the Bible College. Open door is one of the first churches started in the Philippines by pioneer missionary Travis Moore. The church is the mother church of the Jerusalem Baptist Mission where John Ray serves, and is also sponsoring the revitalization work of Jespi Jireh Baptist Church were our missionary Genesis Merando is working.

College Chapel Services
 We’ve started inviting our graduates to be speakers during our Wednesday College Chapel Services. The first was our Mountain Missionary Kevin BerayoLast week was Associate Pastor Joshua Cajeda, who works at a mission in Silay Negros Occidental. We are very proud of how our students are serving in churches and missions all over the Philippines.We ending the month with Dennis Grino who is a missionary sponsored by First Missionary Baptist Church, our campus church. He is a 2017 Baptist Missionary Association Bible College graduate.College Classes. The whole campus turns out for Donna’s PE class.  

Darlene Carey Christian Academy Help us build a room in memory or in honor of a loved one. Each room cost $10,000 to build.Unfortunately the monsoon season and covid-19 restrictions have curtailed progress on our building project, but we have been able to enroll students for 2021.  Below is our staff of teachers for k – 4th grade.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes.  In the right picture is how we celebrated with our Tuesday Bible Study group, lots of food, cake and ice cream and all our friends.  The left picture is how Filipino’s celebrate.  It is called a Buddha Feast.  Banana leaves line the table, then rice, vegetables, meat and anything else is spread out on top.  With no plates or utensils, everyone digs in.  It seems to me there is not much difference between the two.  It was also Doug Lee’s birthday and the college celebrated us with banners, notes and cup cakes.A new look to our campus.  After 43 years of green and yellow, blue and white looks very nice.

With World Wide Travel Restrictions, now IS the right time to Go Global Our students need your help. $1,200.00 ($100.00 a month) provides tuition and room and board for one year. They need your help. Click the DONATE tab below to give your gift and a student will be assigned directly to you to encourage and get to know.

Our ambitious vision to take the Gospel to all of Asia
F R O M  S T A N Christians live in joy even in the midst of tragedy and sorrow. It was with great sorrow that I learned of the passing  of our dear friend and fellow laborer Pastor Ganaro Delo Santos.  It is truly impossible for me to express how God used this simple man to spread the Gospel throughout this country. He was my friend and he persevered until the very end. Thank you to all who have helped his family during this time of unexpected loss. Please pray for his wife, son and daughter and his two grand children.

F R O M  D O N N A My new “bestie” is a four foot tall freshman student named James.  He is there when I arrive, waiting to carry my bag and assist me climbing the stairs.  He is there “taking charge” lining up the students for P.E.  He is there getting all the computers to work in my typing class.  And he is there to put my things back in the truck when its time to leave.  He is a hoot!  And I love him. Stan and I have fallen in love with a new batch of freshman who, together with the upper classes, make us glad we are here.
Our work is completely focused on making sure the Gospel is taught in our weekly home Bible study, the sending of the Gospel to Southeast Asian countries, the training of pastors and missionaries at the Bible College and church planting in the Philippines and  all over Southeast Asia.  
Would you help us?  $1,000.00 a year goes a long way here, helping us train church planters, send missionaries and train students.  Click on the donate button below, locate the Scroggins/Philippine fund and prayerfully consider contributing to help us. We love you all.Please Pray For:
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