Lifeword Newsletter

Moving Forward in Faith

The Lifeword team is moving forward into 2022 through faith in God alone. Ambitious plans call for steadfast faith! We have a clear mandate to assist the churches of BMA America in obeying His Great Commission, and we have faith that He will provide for us as we follow Him. 

The following are Lifeword’s goals for 2022: 

1. A New Discipleship Portal

The Lifeword Cloud has proven to be one of the most effective efforts ever employed by Lifeword to reach the world. In 2021, more than six million people visited to discover the wonder of Jesus Christ. In the next phase of cloud development, Lifeword will invite website visitors to be part of a discipleship process that includes linking them to a local church. Lifeword Director of Audience Engagement Yalanda Merrell is leading efforts to create and produce content in our discipleship portal then build, test, and implement it. 

2. A New Video Studio

Lifeword’s move into Internet ministry four years ago required the production of video content, which meant a redesign of the Lifeword audio production studio to be used for video. The move has served us well, and thousands of hours of video content have been shot in that small production area. But as the need for video content increases, more studio space has become critical. 

The warehouse on campus was originally designed for television production. Lifeword will reclaim that warehouse space and build a production area for the purpose it was originally intended, producing video. This will add four times more video production area than we have presently and allow us to produce more gospel programming. 

3. More Languages to Reach More People

Presently there are gospel presentations in 134 different world languages. In 2022 we expect to increase that language count to at least twenty. Our goal within the next five years is to share the story of Jesus in at least 200 languages. 

Many of you have supported Lifeword financially and prayerfully for decades, and we could not be more grateful. Through the years, you have helped us meet many ambitious goals, and we need faith that our God will provide our financial needs as we follow His plans. Please remember the ministry of Lifeword as you pray and give. 

We pledge to continue taking the gospel to places where people have never heard it and share it with them in their heart languages. We have only one job at Lifeword . . . to tell the story. Join us in prayer for people to hear and respond to the gospel.

Team Lifeword Info

We are experiencing record numbers of both church and individual participation and in Lifeword Sunday contributions! Thank you for your continued support of our vision to share the gospel around the world! 

We still have contributions arriving in the mail from our churches.  Please continue to send those marked “Lifeword Sunday” to Lifeword, PO Box 6, Conway, AR 72033

Please Pray…

– as we seek additional languages to broadcast the gospel and spread the love of Christ to the ends of the earth!

– for a new opportunity to partner with a BMA missionary to expand the gospel in Ukraine and beyond in the midst of difficulties associated with their government instability.

Praise God…

– that Lifeword was able to add three languages: Kara, Rabai, and Pemba. This addition gives Lifeword the opportunity to share about the love of Jesus Christ in 133 languages!

– for the construction of the new Lifeword video studios to expand the production of our gospel content.