Children’s Church

Children’s Church is provided during the 11:00 am service for ages 3 yrs through the 4th grade.  Preschool age  & K-1st grade start off in their class at the beginning of worship.  The older children are dismissed from the sanctuary after the song service.  Just follow the crowd!  They will sing songs, take up an offering, pray,  listen to a lesson and participate in an activity.

Location of Classes:

Preschool class & K- 1st grade Children’s church start at 11.

Preschool Room – go to your right when you enter the church foyer, up the ramp, through a big room (fellowship hall) and the preschool room is the 1st & 2nd door on the right.

K-1st grade Room – meet in the first classroom  on your right  after you go up the ramp to the right of the foyer.

2nd-4th grade – meet in the sanctuary for the song service then are dismissed to their classes which meet in the fellowship hall (up the ramp, down the hall and you’ll see a big room this is the fellowship hall.) 

Don’t be afraid to ask the greeters in the foyer, they will be glad to direct you to the right place.

After service, you will need to go pick up your children from their classes.