Missionary Strong Family Newsletter

Greetings Brothers and Sisters, Can you believe it is almost Christmas? I can’t believe 2023 is almost over. With the weather as it is, it’s hard to believe it’s almost time to celebrate our dear Lord Jesus birth. The war in the Middle East doesn’t make it any easier. Things just don’t feel “normal,” if there is a normal. Maybe it’s just me, but Christmas is supposed to be a time of peace and goodwill toward men and the way everything swirling about us is anything but peaceful. Honestly, this breaks my heart. It can make me feel small.
I have the hope of the gospel. I possess it. I try to share it with everyone I possibly can. But I can’t get to enough people. The world is so big…and I am not. 
I’m glad we can be sure God is still on His throne and working His good plan out (Psalm 115:3). I am glad the wars, sickness, inflation, earthquakes and natural disasters, and even the famines are still under His control and serve a good purpose (Revelation 6). Because of this, we can have both hope and confidence as we go out and preach the good news waiting on the Lord’s deliverance. Because of this we should go out and preach the Good News knowing there is not another day promised to us.  And that’s what I am planning to do. That is how I am going to end this year. We are rolling out some new outreach plans this very week as prepare for celebrating Jesus’ first coming in the flesh and as we look forward awaiting His second coming. 
Would you please pray for us to make connections? Would you also pray for the Lord to lead us into effective gospel conversations where His Spirit will be at work bringing about salvation and new birth? Would you pray for each person who goes out to have confidence in our Lord and His Word? We desperately need the prayers of the saints on our behalf. It is very dark in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities metro. Thank you for praying for us. 

I do want to share that since my last newsletter, we continue to see attendance on a pace of growth. We see joy in the faces of so many of the members of the church plant. We see transformation occurring, though not without walking through times of hardship which God has often used as a tool in the lives of the saints to break them free of their past lives. There is much to celebrate.  And looking ahead we plan to keep doing what we have been doing, namely making disciples. It’s a slow cooker approach to missions work, but historically speaking tends to result in the type of change that leads to movements and biblically sound churches that stand through the centuries regardless of what evil may stand in opposition to them. This means we will continue to look for ways to help all of our people point their hearts up to God in personal and corporate worship, in to others in the body of Christ here at FMBC, and out to those who do not know our good Lord yet. 

Thanks again for your prayers and financial support. We praise God for His care through you. And all of the souls who now know Jesus because of your partnership in taking the gospel to Minnesota thank you as well.  In Christ,  Mike Strong
God has given us a unique ministry.
We serve in a hard part of a hard city.
Overcoming the challenges of poverty, broken homes, incarceration, mental illness, physical illness, and violent crime keeps some groups and individuals from coming to join us to serve here.
I get that.
But it doesn’t have to keep us from reaching the people of North Minneapolis together.
Thanks for considering partnering with us.

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